About Tony Mac Delivers

You’re no mug. You know what you want and you know that there are a mind boggling number of companies who promise to deliver you something special. But how many simply fail to live up to their promises?

The order takes forever to arrive. The driver has an attitude. The food arrives late. Or cold. Oh, and there’s been a change to the order. And when you sit down to score the whole experience for satisfaction and value for money you find yourself feeling rather disappointed and a wee bit conned.

Don’t worry. You are not alone. But here’s the good bit – Tony Mac Delivers is about to change things for the better.

Tony Macaroni has won a reputation, built up over many years, for serving the best tasting, best value authentic Italian food in Scotland. We’re not fly by night. We’re not a here today gone tomorrow fad – we’re a Scottish family restaurant institution. Family owned. Family run. And we’re fiercely proud of that reputation.


It takes a long time to build a great reputation – and you can lose it just like that.

So when we decided to create Tony Mac Delivers we didn’t just order in some delivery boxes and hire a few drivers we decided to create a highly specialised stand alone brand where we planned and considered every single aspect of what we offered. We were determined that Tony Mac Delivers should exceed customer expectations. That meant designing a menu that offered all the Tony Macaroni classics such as pizza, and pasta but that we designed our delivery menu to deliver to perfection.

We ordered state of the art delivery vehicles with the latest hot pack delivery carrying systems – so your order always arrives piping hot.

We installed really top notch sat nav equipment – so our drivers know exactly where to go, and how best to get there.

We streamlined every aspect of the ordering and delivery process – guaranteeing that our delivery customers receive  outstanding meals at a very affordable price.

We instituted great recruitment and training programmes to ensure all our staff perform to their maximum capacity.

You deserve the very best. No excuses.